Save Session = Command+S

Create Memory Location = Enter (on numeric keypad) or fn + Enter on a laptop

Delete Memory Location = Option-click on a Memory Location button

Start/stop playback = Spacebar Half-speed playback = Shift+Spacebar

Shuffle mode = F1, or Option+1 (on QWERTY keyboard) Slip mode = F2, or Option+2 (on QWERTY keyboard) Spot mode = F3, or Option+3 (on QWERTY keyboard) Grid mode = F4,or Option+4 (on QWERTY keyboard)

Return to start of session = Return

Nudge back by Nudge value = Minus (–) key (on numeric keypad), or Comma (,) (in Commands Keyboard Focus) Nudge forward by Nudge value = Plus (+) key (on numeric keypad), or Period (.) (in Commands Keyboard Focus)

Nudge back by next larger Nudge value = M Nudge forward by next larger Nudge value = Forward slash

Undo = Z Redo = Shift+Z Cut = X Copy = C Paste = V

Split audio on track = B Toggle Track View on all tracks = Option+Minus (–) key (on QWERTY keyboard) Fade to Start = D Fade to End = G Create Fades (open Fades dialog) = Command+F

Add New Track/Aux/Master Fader = Command+Shift+N Mute/Unmute Regions = Command+M

Lock/Unlock Regions = Command+L Horizontal zoom in = T Horizontal zoom out = R Zoom Toggle = Control+E

Tab back = L Tab forward = Apostrophe (‘) Tab Up = P Tab Down = Semicolon (;)

Trim Start to Insertion = A Trim End to Insertion = S Timeline Insertion follows Playback (enable/disable) = N Toggle Mix and Edit windows = Command+Equal (=)