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Welcome to the Pro Tools WikiaEdit

An overview of Pro Tools; how it works, tips and shortcuts.

Pro Tools IntroductionEdit

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Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation for Microsoft Windows and OS X developed and manufactured by Avid Technology.

Pro Tools is a rare example of a technology that absolutely dominates an industry. Every single professional audio production facility -- from recording studios to audio post-production houses -- uses a Pro Tools system. The only equivalent is the way that Avid systems dominate the film and TV editing world. It's interesting to note that Digidesign, the creator of Pro Tools, is also owned by Avid.

How Start up a Project on Pro ToolsEdit

Once a film has been made it is important that the sound is just as good as the image, a great way to ensure this is by using Pro Tools. Firstly you need to open the Pro Tools application, and import the video you're about to edit. Once the video is imported it is useful to add markers to speed up the process when looking for a certain point in the film to add audio to. Next you need to import the audio you need to use to create all your sound so it is easily accessible when you need to use it, this needs to include all your sound effects, music and dialogue. Now you need to add your tracks, it is advised that you make one dialogue track for each main character in mono, several effects tracks in stereo, an atmosphere track in mono and one or two music tracks in stereo.

Pro Tools is now set up for you to edit and mix.

How to Edit a Project on Pro ToolsEdit

Once a piece of audio is imported to Pro Tools and dragged into the right place there is many ways to then edit this audio. Some of these include; fading, cropping, rendering the pitch and changing the dynamics.

How to Mix a Project on Pro ToolsEdit

Once all the Audio is imported and edited it is now ready to mix and there are many ways to do this on Pro Tools. Some of these include; track display, volume breakpoints, mixing tracks, clip gain, automation line and master track.


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