PT 3-ClipGain

If the volume of a soundfile is too drastically low or high, you can make it a more average level by using “clip gain”. In the lower left corner of each clip is a small fader icon. Clicking on it gets you a larger fader to control the amount of gain to add or remove from the clip.

Be careful: you can create distortion if you add too much clip gain. Watch the track meter at the left edge of each track to make sure that the level remains safe. Ideally, you’d like to see a healthy bounce in the green zone of the meter, a little bit of yellow on loud peaks, but no red indicators lit up.

Clip gain is nice because it’s non-destructive — you can simply turn the gain back down if you’ve gone too far. Also, because it’s non-destructive, you can adjust the edges with the Trimmer tool. When there’s audio on either side of the clip borders, you can use crossfades to smooth the transitions where the gain has been changed.

You can make a similar adjustment by selecting the region(s), then in the AudioSuite menu use the Other> Gain or Other> Normalize commands. “Gain” lets you increase or decrease the volume of a clip. “Normalizing” analyzes the track and raises its loudest peak to as high a level as possible before it would distort (or to a user-definable level.) These Audiosuite processes create a new soundfile, with the new volume applied. Using clip gain is often a better solution, because it remains adjustable.